Netflix’s groundbreaking series ‘The Crown’ has taken us through the history of the British Royal Family like we’ve never seen before. It is the history lesson we never knew we needed but definitely deserved.

As the show has been so popular, you can’t help but wonder whether any of the royals have actually watched the show. I’d like to imagine Queen Elizabeth parked on the couch, eating some takeaway as she relives moments from back in the day.

(Honestly, I just love the idea of her having a Netflix account)

It turns out, a member of the royal family DOES watch the show… but it isn’t a Cambridge or a Sussex.

The Queen’s great-nephew Arthur Chatto, aka the new ‘royal hunk’ has revealed that he’s seen it… but only considers it as an interpretation.


“I just kind of remember what they’re actually like and don’t let the TV persona mar my judgement of any of them.”


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