Captain Mark Beretta. Has a certain ring to it.

The Sunrise presenter has told The Herald Sun that he has officially joined the Australian Army Reserves.

The 53-year-old hasn’t let his age stop him from serving his country.

“Even as an older fella, you’ve still got to meet all the basic physical requirements,” Beretta said.

“You have got to do all of the sit ups and push ups and get the right score on the beep test for running. It was a bit of a challenge but I’ve really enjoyed it.”

After kicking off the recruitment phase in 2018 he has been accepted and ranked Captain.

He will serve a minimum of 20 days a year from the barracks in Sydney.

“I have a job to do just like anyone else,” he said. “When I walk in the door there, I am anybody else.”

“It is, ‘Captain Beretta, you need to do this or that’.


“That is the way it is, it is the same with the training. I have got buckets to learn.

“I went in as the new kid; I trip over myself and put my uniform upside down and weird but they have been so supportive.”