A biopic centered around the Sex Pistols is reportedly on the way, as per a new report from the Daily Star via NME.

Filmmaker Ayesha Plunkett reportedly told the publication that the inspiration for the film is due to the massive success of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

“We were impressed by the box office takings for Bohemian Rhapsody. It only goes to show the public has an appetite for these films,” Plunkett said.

While the film has not started shooting, the production firm behind the project said they’re about to start the casting process and have brainstormed a wish-list of actors and actresses they want to play Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren and his legendary fashion designer/girlfriend Vivienne Westwood.

The pair, which ran a clothing store in the ’70s in Chelsea called SEX, will serve as the focus of the film, but the project is also set to capture the rise and fall of the English punk/rock band.

Considering that McLaren also successfully spearheaded as manager and promoter of other British punks names like the New York Dolls and Bow Wow Wow, you can probably expect the film to touch on his career ventures outside of the Sex Pistols, too.


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Article: Hayden Brooks

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