Good news!!

Just in case you DIDN’T know – the ABC smash hit TV series ‘Bluey’ has been crowned the ‘number one series on ABC iView ever’!


The series first started back in October 2018 and follows a family living in Queensland, and all the adventures that happen to Bluey, her little sister Bingo and her parents Bandit and Chilli.

Screen Australia’s head of content Sally Caplan has spoken about the series’ success.

“Bluey’ is a phenomenon and it’s been a long time since a local children’s show has made such an impact.”

“The incredible success of series one is a testament to Ludo Studio’s ability to create uniquely Australian content with universal appeal that resonates with children and their parents.”


The second season will have a massive 52 seven minute episodes that will debut across ABC Kids and iView in 2020.

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