Actor Tom Long has been told he is in the last stages of his life but he is attempting to defy the odds once more.

The star of The Dish, Two Hands, and TV’s Seachange, has been fighting multiple myeloma, an incurable type of blood cancer for the last seven years.

When he was diagnosed he was told it was terminal, with a life expectancy of 2-3 years.

Now aged 50, Tom is in the midst of what could be his last chance at life – a trip to the United States for a ground breaking medical trial.

Tom and his wife, Rebecca Fleming, were interviewed by Lisa Wilkinson on The Project on Sunday night in a touching video that you can watch in full below…


In December last year, Tom’s doctor told him he now had just 3-12 months to live.

“I was palliative, so the doctor’s said ‘that’s it’ and then my current doctor, Miles Prince said ‘stuff that, let’s try this’,” Tom said.

If Tom is well enough he will be one of just 18 participants in the USA-based medical trial that has been successful against other types of blood cancer.

Last month, just two days after Tom came out of intensive care, he married Rebecca in an intimate ceremony that featured Rebecca’s children.

Lisa Wilkinson said the family had ‘mortgaged themselves to the hilt’ for the chance at the treatment.

Tom spoke openly about his prognosis and said he had faced the prospect of dying.


“I am very aware I could be taken any time but it’s the hope (of the trial) I think, I go for hope,” he said.

“I’m grateful for how beautiful people are, how beautiful what I‘ve got is and how beautiful life is, because it can be taken away.”