Production on the Chase is set to resume in the next couple weeks after being suspended last week.

Andrew O’Keefe has taken an extended period of leave following some personal issues.

In a statement, he said “These thing happen, and it came as a bit of a surprise to me as I’m fit and ready to film.’’

“I’m not in the least ashamed to admit I’ve struggled at times over the last year with issues around my mental health, but thanks to the excellent support of friends, family and expert clinical practitioners, I’m in a very good place at the moment.

“It’s day by day in these matters, but isn’t that life all over?

“We can never take our physical or mental well-being for granted, because in truth, they’re gifts to be nurtured every moment.”

Seven responded “There are many decisions and considerations to be made when we are about to head into a lengthy production phase. Our decision to hold over the start of production was based on factors beyond the health of our host.’’


Seven is said to have a heap of episodes ready to run and viewers will not notice a gap in production.

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