Do you remember getting your first Nokia phone, and sitting in your room for hours on end playing ‘Snake’? You know, the game with the virtual snake gliding around a tiny black-and-white phone screen!

Well, it appears that Google is hopping on the ‘Snake train’ for April Fools Day, replacing the iconic snake with a virtual train. 

Want to play? All you need is Google Maps! 

Once you open the menu, you’ll find an option saying ‘Play Snake’. Tapping this will give you the option of selecting one of seven locations – Sydney, London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Cairo, São Paulo, and World. 

Much like the iconic Nokia game, the more passengers (… or dots) you pick up, the higher your score gets – however, you have to make sure that your train doesn’t run into itself (or the edge of the screen).


According to Google, players will also be able to pick up ‘fun surprises’ from each city. These items will reflect various landmarks found in the area, such as the London Bridge on the game’s London map. 

Google has an interesting history of launching retro games on Google Maps every April 1st. In 2017, Google rolled out Pac-Man, followed by Where’s Wally in 2018!

Want another reason to procrastinate? Click here to play!

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