Aussie funnyman Glenn Robbins is feeling a bit subdued and he thinks we know why.

“Did I read somewhere that West Australians are calling us ‘Sicktorians’ right now?” he asked Botica’s Bunch on Monday just as the news filtered in that NSW was going to close-off its border to Victoria.

And it’s clear he’s feeling like he’s missing out, because, well, he is.

“I feel like there’s a bit party going on,” he lamented.

“And the Queenslanders are there in their thongs and their singlets and the South Australians are there in their wine and their jumpers tied over their shoulder, the Tasmanians are there with an armful of firewood and a beanie on… and THEN, the Victorians walk in and it’s like The Sopranos have come in.

“It all goes quiet and someone says ‘don’t talk to them! They’re Victorians!’”

Robbins then just acknowledged it.


“To be honest, I wouldn’t let us in either.”

Lisa then cleared the air, that she had never called Victorians ‘Sicktorians’.

“I call you ‘Sooktoria’ when we’re talking about football, but never Sicktoria.”

While Glenn was on to promote Have You Been Paying Attention… we learned that his podcast with Dave O’Neill, called Somehow Related, has just passed more than a million downloads.

“We’re like the old guys in The Muppets,” Robbins said.



The podcast takes two topics that you wouldn’t think are related but are.

“So, when you’re at a dinner party, you can just be scintillating,” he said.

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