If you haven’t seen Love Actually by now, you’re in luck. It’s usually this time of year that you start to see the hit Christmas romcom start to appear on TV guides.

And what better time to watch it (again) because Love Actually, starring Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, is turning 15.

We’ve listed 10 things we didn’t know about Love Actually below, but we opened the phones to find out what quirky movie facts you know that perhaps we didn’t… check out the video up top.

10 facts about Love Actually:

Four Plots Were Cut

So there’s 10 separate love stories in the film but writer-director Richard Curtis originally wanted 14. Two were already filmed and the other two were cut before production.


The Airport Footage? Real People

The highly-emotive opening and closing scenes of loved one’s reuniting were captured with hidden cameras at Heathrow Airport. When something worth using was caught on camera, the crew would run over and have the individuals sign a waiver.

Olivia Olson Was Offered Record Deals After The Movie

She was only 10 at the time, but the girl who played Joanna was offered more than one record deal after performing “All I Want For Christmas”. Apparently the director had the editors make her voice sound more childlike as her actual voice was just too unbelievable.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster Learned To Play The Drums, Actually

The adorable boy in love with Joanna, had no idea how to play the drums when he was cast. The actor, who is now on “Game of Thrones”, learned from his dad.


Kris Marshall Wanted To Work For Free

The actor who played Colin Frissell returned his paycheque following the scene where he was seduced by three American girls. Apparently he had such a good time being undressed by Elisha Cuthbert, January Jones, and Ivana Milicevic that he was willing to do it free.

Hugh Grant Did Not Want To Dance

The famous dance scene of the British prime minister dancing to “Jump For My Love” didn’t sit well with Hugh Grant. He disagreed on how the character should be played, even refusing  to rehearse it.

The Lake That Jamie And Aurelia Dove Into Was Only 45 Centimetres Deep

When Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz dove into the lake to save the pages of his unfinished novel, they were only pretending to swim. Firth and his Portuguese love interest bobbed around on their knees in 45 centimetres of water.


Aurelia’s Underwear Choice Was A Major Debate

Speaking of the lake scene, it took almost an hour for production to work out what underwear Aurelia would wear in the moment she stripped down to dive in. She tried on 20 different sets before the light blue one was agreed on.

Emma Thompson Wore A Fat Suit

If Emma Thompson looked a little heavier than usual, it’s because that’s exactly how the director wanted her to appear, so she wore a fat suit.

It Wasn’t Meant To Be A Christmas Movie

This one is bonkers. Then how would the prime minister know to know Natalie was the one he wanted if it weren’t for the Christmas card? Where would Sarah and Karl dance if it wasn’t for the Christmas party? What about Harry’s heartbreaking Christmas present to Karen and his dirtbag present to Mia? What about the lobster appearing in the Nativity play? What would be of the ‘Christmas Is All Around’ track?


Let’s not think about it.



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