People are seriously questioning the tough rules on Australian Ninja Warrior after an “unfair” ruling on last night’s semi-final round saw a favourite disqualified.

The moment saw Aqua Aerobics instructor Trudie Horskins lose a shoe in the water while going through the course, causing her to be disqualified, despite making it through the obstacle herself.

And while host Rebecca Maddern described the disqualification as “unfair”, we think this tweet from a viewer at home says it best.

39-year-old Trudie had previously finished 13th during the qualifying rounds of Ninja Warrior, and was a favourite to make it past the semi-final round.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking Trudie’s not a serious contender,” said co-host Ben Fordham before her run last night. “She was outstanding in her heat – a genuine chance of a top 10 finish tonight.”


But sadly, while taking on the ‘Rolling Log’ obstacle, which sees competitors wrap themselves around a log and try to hold in while it rolls quickly and with force down a hill, Horskin’s shoe came flying off after she hit the safety mat and landed in the water.

At first, Trudie kept going with through the course, but suddenly the red lights flashed signalling a disqualification.

“It just seems so unfair, but the international Ninja rules are really clear about this,” said host Maddern, who was clearly disappointed for Trudie.

“I need to stress for people watching at home that we’ve witnessed the briefings where they’re told that if anything, even a hairlip, falls off you and goes into the water, you’re disqualified,” added Ben Fordham.

“It would be unfair to the other Ninjas if she was allowed to continue against the rules.”

Speaking on the side of the course after her disqualification, Horskins said that she was “shattered” by the decision.


“I wanted this so bad. I had this course wrapped up, I was so focused. Far out, to finish like that, with a SHOE? Far out. It was on so tight — double knot, check it out,” she said.

“I’m so shattered. I’m just so shattered.”

And well, it’s safe to say that people watching from home are shattered too, calling out the tough rule on Twitter.


Do you think the rule is unfair?

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