After declaring they were “madly in love” with each other on Bachelor In Paradise, Alex Nation has revealed that Bill Goldsmith dumped her just three weeks after leaving Fiji.

Despite Bill leaving Paradise with Alex, and claiming he was “so happy” to begin their future together in Melbourne, it appears that “future” was destined to fail. 

“Bill and I blossomed into a special relationship,” Nation told host Osher Gunsberg during last night’s reunion special.

“We came back from Paradise and it was good for three weeks and then he told me he didn’t love me and that I suppose we couldn’t be together, and that he thinks it was the environment that made him fall in love with me.”

She continued, “It was hard cause we came back and everything was amazing and then it was flipped on its head.”

Since Bill failed to make an appearance at the cast reunion, producers brought in a cardboard cut-out of him to sit next to his ex-girlfriend. 


“He just became really distant,” she told viewers. “The Bill I knew in Paradise isn’t the Bill I knew outside of Paradise.”

So, was there a third party involved?

“I don’t want to speak about him when he’s not here. I don’t want to go into anything when he’s not here to defend himself.”

Unfortunately, Bill and Alex weren’t the only unsuccessful couple from this season of Bachelor In Paradise. Every relationship formed on the show had failed.

While we’re absolutely gutted this season is over, we have a feeling things are going to get even more juicier once The Bachelor and The Bachelorette hit our screens later this year. Bring it on!



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