Channel Ten are doing a killer job getting us keen for the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Yesterday we reported on the first teaser trailer for the reality TV series that showed ex-Bachie couple Alex Nation and Richie Strahan having a full blown argument over in Fiji about their breakup.

And now a second trailer has arrived teasing an absolute BOMBSHELL from season favourite Brooke Blurton.

Brooke was the favourite to win on the last season of The Bachelor with Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins before she shocked the entire nation by choosing to leave the rose ceremony during the top 3 decider.

The Badge then famously went on to choose neither of the final two girls in the season finale and many people thought that part of the reason might be because his heart had been broken by Brooke.


Brooke never really gave an explanation as to why she chose to leave the mansion and so when she arrived in paradise with other contestants from her season, of course all of the girls want to know what the heck went on.

This is when Brooke reveals that she’s hiding a bombshell up her sleeve.

“So Brookey, what happened?” asks Cat in the promo.

“I felt so much chemistry between you and Nick. What made you walk out of there? What happened?”

“I feel like there’s something I probably should tell you girls,” Brooke responds cryptically.

“He told me not to tell anyone. I’ve protected him for this long and I don’t really want to have to protect Nick,” Brooke is then heard saying in a voiceover.


After her revelation is made, the other girls are visibly shocked by the news.

“I was not expecting that at all. I was actually completely shocked,” says Cassandra Wood.

“He’s going to hate me for this,” adds Brooke in a piece-to-camera.

WOW INTENSE!! So what on EARTH could this revelation be?

Following Nick’s Bachelor season finale Kyle and Jackie O uncovered the fact that he reportedly told his final two girls, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley, that even though Brooke choose to leave he would have sent her home that night anyway.


So maybe it has something to do with that?

Looks like we’ll have to tune into the show when it premieres (still waiting on an actual date for that one) to find out!

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