Ever since his departure from Bachelor In Paradise, Paddy Colliar has reportedly been receiving death threats for saying he would “love” to see Alex Nation and Brooke Blurton hook up. 

After his comments aired on Tuesday’s episode of the reality program, the 28-year-old has been bombarded with hateful messages, vilifying him for his remarks. 

In a series of Instagram videos, Paddy has apologised for the comments.

“I am strong-minded, I am going to shake them off, but you’ve got to understand, this is TV.

“All the backlash I’ve received – getting told to go kill myself, jump off a bridge, it is a bit hurtful,” he continued.

“Everyone understands how TV works, and it is heavily, heavily edited, so things may not be what they seem.”

He then went on to urge people to think before throwing out hateful comments.


“For some people coming off a reality TV show aren’t actually that strong-minded, and having nasty things said about ya or reading nasty things said about you really affects someone’s mentality, and you know what, it can affect their life, too,” he explained.

“Just be careful in what you say about someone and who you say it to, because you never know what they’re going through.”

While many were offended by the comments, and slammed him for “fetishising queer relationships”, some came forward to support the reality show star, assuring him they knew he was only joking.


“I am gay and I took no offence in what u [sic] said at all, I think 90% of guys would’ve agreed with you and you were just speaking your mind just wanted to let you know not all of us are so sensitive and hated on your comment,” one person wrote.

The backlash comes after Alex Nation playfully grabbed Brooke’s bottom, prompting Paddy to wolf-whistle and say that he’d “love to be a fly on the wall between those two”. 

“Hopefully there’s oil, and like, massages involved,” he continued.

“And we watch it back. That’s hot. That’s actually hot.

“You can pause live TV now, so I would love to pause it on that. Mate, I’m just telling it how it is. We’re all thinking it.”

Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Ten.



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