Much loved sitcom The Big Bang Theory recorded its final ever episode in front of a studio audience this week.

The US comedy featuring Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and co is about to end for good after 11 years.

Much secrecy surrounds the content of the final episode but given the show’s popularity, it is expected to be a major TV event.

The finale is locked in for its American audience on 16 May.

Yet when it will air in Australia no-one quite knows, and it’s now occurring to fans that they’re probably not going to see it for more than a week after it airs in the US.

That means internet spoilers are going to be a MASSIVE problem!

Nine, who has aired Big Bang Theory almost ad nauseam over the past decade, confirmed they weren’t able to fast track the finale for Aussies, who would only be able to watch it on delay.


“Our ambition is to always deliver the maximum audience to a show. Unfortunately, given the Australian and US seasons don’t align, we haven’t been able to fast-track in this instance,” Nine said according to website TV Tonight.

It’s left fans pretty annoyed, with some leaving harsh messages to the station online.

“Pip” wrote: “Remember when Nine was a ratings disaster and they used this show to plug multiple holes in the schedule and it propped them up? Way to repay fans, Nine. You can’t pull this slow tracking crap in 2019, Nine. You can’t.

“quailqack” wrote: “Sounds like nine couldn’t give a rats cahoot to it’s viewers or the show, very arrogant of them. But then they have pretty much mishandeld this show(and others) over the many years.

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