Well this Bunnings’ sausage sizzle saga has just taken a rather bizarre turn…

A group of people who take the construction of their snags very seriously have planned an event to protest the major change proposed for the way that onions are served on the popular Bunnings’ sausage sizzle.

The hardware store caused a stir across the country about a week ago after announcing that they were going to start putting onions on the bottom of the sandwich instead of on top of the sausage due to a safety hazard.

This proposed change came after a customer slipped and fell on a piece of onion.

However, not many people were impressed and they’re now planning to protest the onion debacle in the most bizarre way possible.

A Facebook event has popped up for a protest in Sydney that’s asking dedicated Bunnings’ sausage sizzle fans to meet up at a store in Sydney to throw some onion on the ground and slip on it together.

The event, titled ’Throwing your onion on the ground at Bunnings and then slipping’ is planned to take place at the Chatswood Bunnings store on December 15.


“Protest this disgrace of REORDERING the snags at Bunnings by throwing your onion on the ground and slipping on it,” reads the description in the event.

The event has already received a great deal of attention with almost 8000 people saying they will attend the event, while 30,000 others have said that they are “interested”.

Some people are so dedicated to the cause that they have actually been practising for the upcoming protest and have been uploading videos of themselves throwing onions on the ground before dramatically slipping on them to the Facebook event.

But despite the large number of people that appear to be taking the absolute piss out of the proposed change, Bunnings chief operating officer Debbie Poole has said that the change will take place because they prioritise customer safety above anything else.

One customer has also spoken up amid the backlash in defence of Bunnings, saying that she nearly died after slipping on onion.


“Only those close to me will really ever know or understand,” said the woman.

“For me personally, that one trip to Bunnings has nearly cost me my career as a theatre nurse, my home and at my darkest time when I could see no future, nearly my life.

“Besides the pain, surgery and an unknown future (as a result of the fall), I was more offended by the laughter and comments over the whole issue than anything else.

“So please, before you say things and have a good laugh, just think of those many poor people out there that have really been affected by something so simple as a stupid little piece of onion that fell onto the floor while you were shopping.”

Which side do you stand on with this sausage sizzle debacle?

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