Blink-182 has been spending a lot of time in the studio recording its eighth studio album, and apparently there’s been no lack of creative juices flowing.

During a recent interview, Travis Barker divulged that the band has recorded over 40 songs, which is more than they have for any other album.

“We have over 40 songs recorded,” the drummer revealed. “And we’ve never actually recorded that many songs for an album before. But it’s a matter of — I don’t know, our expectations are crazy. And you know, only 10 to 12 will be on the album. But we’ve got to have those 10 to 12 that are bangers.”

“I think we’re in a place where we don’t really want to repeat ourselves,” he added. “We’ve done this for so long, we just want the absolute best.”

Though blink has been pretty hush hush about the details concerning their follow up to 2016’s California, Barker recently confirmed the album will come out before their Warped Tour set in June. He and bassist/singer Mark Hoppus have also compared the new material to their 2003 self-titled album, explaining that it’s more experimental than their past work.

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Article: Katrina Nattress