link-182’s third studio album Enema of the State turns 20 on June 1, and it sounds like the trio has a celebration plan up its sleeve.

On Tuesday bassist/singer Mark Hoppus took to Twitter to let fans know he woke up with a sore throat and would answer any questions his followers may have before his cold medicine kicks in and he falls back asleep.

One curious fan asked if Hoppus was planning anymore tour dates with his side project Simple Creatures before asking about EOTS’ milestone anniversary.

“Yes I think we’re going to play EOTS in its entirety at Back to the Beach to celebrate 20yrs,” Hoppus divulged.

To those unaware, blink is headlining the Back to the Beach festival in Huntington Beach, California, on April 27.

Check out the Twitter correspondence below.


While the news is exciting, purist fans shouldn’t get their hopes up that Tom DeLonge will be returning for the anniversary set. Hoppus recently told Pedestrian that he and his former bandmate haven’t been in contact for a few years, and there haven’t been any reunion talks (which makes sense considering DeLonge is knee deep in UFO research right now).

“I think that Tom’s very happy doing his thing, and we are very happy doing our thing,” Hoppus said. “And there’s no hard feelings, and there’s no animosity or bad blood there. It’s just like I said; he’s doing his stuff, we’re doing ours.”

“I mean, he’s dedicated so much of his life to [UFOs] and so much time and energy researching things and listening to people speak, and talking about it himself, that it would seem like a total bummer if he didn’t get a chance to fly into outer space and see for himself,” he continued.

Though the original lineup won’t be getting back together any time soon, blink fans have more to be excited about. The band is putting the finishing touches on its eighth studio album and has promised it will be out before June.


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Article: Katrina Nattress