A north Queensland snake catcher has revived a frog, regurgitated by a snake, by giving it CPR.

Townsville man Jamie Chapel thought the frog was dead after the tree snake that he was called to catch this month spat it up. But then he noticed its leg twitch.

Believing the frog had been swallowed within the past hour, he washed the mucus off it, and gave it tiny chest compressions for about a minute until it came to.

“If I could quickly clean it up, I could have a go at bringing it back to life,” Mr Chapel told the ABC.

“I put it on its back and just gave it chest compressions to get air into it.

“It kicked.

“He looked dead … It came back to life, I couldn’t believe it.”


He said the snake regurgitated it because he saw Mr Chapel as a threat.

He treated it for deep cuts, keeping the amphibian until it was well enough for release and naming it “Lucky”.

“He just powered on through,” Mr Chapel said.

“He’s really done well. He’s putting on a little bit of weight now.”


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