A team of real estate investors were lucky to avoid what could’ve been a tragedy after coming across a booby-trapped stairway.

On January 2, Ekrem Uysaler was checking out an abandoned house in Philadelphia when one of his colleagues pointed out a line coming across the stairs, which were covered in glass shards.

The construction manager was about to walk up the stairs when the others stopped him, sensing something wasn’t right.

That’s when they began filming.

One of them grabbed an old pole that was lying around and used it to knock the string.

Right where a person’s head would’ve been, a knife duct-taped to fast-moving, pendulum swung down.

The group were left swearing in shock.


“It could’ve done a lot of damage, but luckily we saw it before anybody got hurt,” Usayler said.

Although the group walked away with a fright, Usayler could now gingerly joke about it.

“It’s like ‘Home Alone,’ Philly style,” he said.

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