In December, The Killers posted a mysterious photo that looked to be inside a studio, but didn’t so much as give us a caption to analyze. A month later, they released a politically charged single called “Land of the Free,” and that ended the speculation; however, in a recent interview with NME frontman Brandon Flowers confirmed that the band is indeed working on a new album.


“We’ve been at it for a few months,” he divulged. “The idea is to try and get something that we’re excited about – maybe about one song a week. So far, we’ve hit that target and the list is growing. We’ll take inventory here soon and see what we’ve got.”

“We’ve been in Utah doing it,” he continued. “That’s where I fell in love with music for the first time; so it’s interesting to be there again and hear some of that music with the geography matching the sensation. Some of that stuff is starting to resurface and a lot of that had to do with synthesiser music. It’s always been part of our DNA but it’s definitely creeping up.”

And even though The Killers have put out new music this year, “Land of the Free” is not expected to be on the album. “That was a very specific thing that I wanted to get across,” Flowers clarified. “I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was a really obvious statement that I was making. It’s very rare that you have something that you feel that strongly about and get across in a few minutes. You’re allowed to be more vague when it comes to a regular pop song or whatever it is that you’re trying to tackle. I definitely wasn’t trying to leave much to the imagination with that song.”


Though he said the album won’t be out before their set at Glastonbury this summer, perhaps they’ll test some new material out live? Fingers crossed!

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