It was called ‘The Long Night’, but fans complained that the latest Game of Thrones episode was literally too dark to see anything.

Sure, while the more naturalistic-looking scenes added to the sheer terror of not being able to see the enemy, it was a relief when Melisandre got fully pyro, lighting up the screen so we could actually follow the story.

However, it seems someone is, in fact, doing the Lord’s work.

Brightened-up scenes are beginning to show up on YouTube, and gird your loins, you’re about to realise how much detail you really missed.

Firstly, those scenes involving clouds, snow and fast-moving dragons. UGH.

Here’s what really happened…


But it’s the scenes from in the crypts that you really get a proper sense of what was going on, particularly when they stopped being the safest place in Winterfell…

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