Bakeries and cafes that tamper with the traditional Anzac Day biscuit recipe could faces fines of more than $50,000. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs says businesses could face hefty fines if they are caught tampering with the traditional Anzac biscuit recipe, while individual sellers could be slapped with a $10,000 fine.

Under government regulations, a biscuit can’t be sold as an ‘Anzac biscuit’ if it has additions like chocolate chips, almonds or fruit.

The warning comes as part of a wider crackdown by the federal government and RSL on businesses exploiting the Anzac spirit for commercial gain.

One of the earliest recipes for Anzac biscuits dates back almost 100 years, and includes rolled oats, flour, golden syrup and sugar. Newer versions also include coconut.


Referring to the biscuits as ‘Anzac Cookies’ is also generally not approved because it is not considered ‘Australian enough’, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs website. 

Businesses and cafes require a permit to sell products that use the word ‘Anzac’.

Two years ago, Gelato chain Messina was forced to rename its Anzac ‘Bikke’ flavoured gelato to ‘Anzac BISCUIT’.

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