You don’t have a sense of humour if you don’t get a giggle out of this! 

To celebrate Woody turning 30 this Sunday, we’ve been making him do grown up things. Like wine tasting, or getting a prostate exam. If we’re being honest, he’s still a big kid, and he needs to grow up. And one thing that needs to change is his immature sense of humour. Because he still thinks farts are the most hilarious thing in the world. 

So we enlisted the help of a very special friend of the show, Aussie comedian Harley Breen. He’s known for his extensive repertoire of fart jokes and toilet humour. The challenge for Woody? To refrain from laughing at the jokes. The jeopardy? If he laughs, he gets shocked by an electro-zapper that Will has rigged up to his arm. 

WATCH to see the absolute silliness that ensued!

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