There’s something oddly satisfying about watching celebrities read mean tweets about themselves.

Jimmy Kimmel brought back his famed “Means Tweets” segment for a special music edition on Wednesday (Thursday for us).

Billie Eilish kicked things off, reading a harsh tweet about her fashion choices. “Billie Eilish dresses like she got her clothes stolen at the gym so they gave her what they had in the lost and found bin,” read the comment, which got little reaction from the “Bad Guy” singer.

Country band Midland was up next, with their tweet reading, “@MidlandOffical looks like they have a white van with ‘free candy’ written on the side.” Cameron Duddy then hilariously responded, “It’s a black van.”

Chance the Rapper also got a kick out of his mean tweet, which read, “Chance the Rapper? More like Chance the worthless, spineless, d*ckless, soulless, purposeless, virtueless sellout. Nice Doritos commercial.” He then said with a laugh, “There’s people that don’t like me? What the f**k?”

Luke Bryan was another mean tweet reading champ. After reading his harsh comment that stated, “I’d rather listen to a barn full of baby pigs being vaccinated … than Luke Bryan‘s new song,” the country singer replied: “I have vaccinated baby pigs … and that’s awful.”


John MayerLuke CombsAlice CooperLeon BridgesPerry FarrellGreen Day, and Monsta X additionally had funny reactions to their tweets. However, Lizzo and Cardi Bs reactions took the cake.

A fan held nothing back when tweeting of Lizzo, “Bus passes and happy meals. Two things that I imagine Lizzo has seen a lot of.” However, The “Truth Hurts” singer kept that same energy, responding, “Yeah, I’m a big b*tch and I ride a bus… A tour bus motherf**ker. Where is yours?”

Cardi then concluded the hilarious segment, reading a fan tweet that attacked her entire being. “I just watched a muted performance of Cardi B and that bitch just looks loud without any sound on. Like no thank you,” it read. “How I look loud?” Cardi repeatedly asked. “I’m loud? I don’t even think I’m like loud. Suck my a**.”

Article: Peyton Blakemore