We can just imagine it… Joe Exotic sitting in his jail cell shouting “that B*TCH Carole Baskin!” after he hears about what’s just happened…

According to multiple reports, Carole Baskin and her brand Big Cat Rescue Corp. have been awarded ownership of Joe Exotic’s former zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma following a trademark battle with Exotic.

Baskin and Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, have been enemies for a long time and their feud was the centre of the popular Netflix documentary Tiger King.

This years-long legal battle was just one part of their feud (you know, the other part was the whole attempted murder thing…), and this comes almost seven years after Joe was ordered to pay Baskin $1 million for a trademark infringement.

According to Courthouse News, it was ruled on Monday that Joe had fraudulently transferred the zoo to his mother back in 2011 to avoid losing the property to Baskin during ongoing lawsuits.

The judge ruled that Baskin would be awarded the 16,439-acre property which has recently been run by Joe’s former business partner Jeff Lowe.


Lowe has 120 days to leave and take all animals on the property with him.

Baskin has also gained ownership of several cabins and vehicles on the large property too.

Joe Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for multiple charges, including two charges of murder-for-hire in relation to his plan to kill Carole Baskin and additional charges relating to animal cruelty.

Just adding this because how could I not…