Casey Donovan is no stranger to the world of reality TV having won Australian Idol in 2004 as well as the more recent I’m A Celebrity in 2017.

And while her latest TV venture may be a fictional comedy as probationary parking officer Tia in new show Street Smart, it seems that her next project could be heading back to the world of TV competitions…

Only this time, she wouldn’t be the one competing exactly, and the prize up for grabs would be something much more personal than ever before… LOVE!

That’s right, rumours have been spreading that Casey could be taking on the role as Network Ten’s next leading lady in The Bachelorette (after Ali Oetjen of course) and well, she’s not doing much to deny it!

While speaking with the hosts on The Project on Sunday night about Street Smart with co-star Tahir Bilgic, Casey was asked about the rumours and if she would ever actually consider doing it.

In her reply, not only did Casey say that she was definitely eligible, being “very single” at the moment, but she actually said that she would definitely be interested because it would be a good time!

“I’ve read a rumour that you might be a bachelorette on Osher’s proper Bachelorette show, is there any truth to that?” asked one of The Project’s panelists Meshel Laurie. “Would you do it? Would you be The Bachelorette?”


The crowd erupted in cheers of support as Casey grinned before saying, “Look, it’d be a bit of fun. I’m still, very, very single.”

The singer and now actress also added fuel to the fire when Meshel continued questioning her, saying that she could give host of The Bachelorette, Osher Ginsberg, a hint when he came on the show next for an interview.

“He’s [Osher’s] on the show shortly, I can put in a word,” said Meshel.

“Look if you could put one in that would be great,” replied Casey.

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