If your internet boyfriend’s phone always seems to act up as soon as you mention ‘let’s video chat’, listen up.

MTV’s hit reality series Catfish: The TV Show is coming to Australia.

If you’re not up with the lingo, a ‘catfish’ isn’t just something Rex Hunt would kiss but rather someone who pretends to be someone else online, usually the intention is to get the catfishee to fall in love with them.

Curiously, producers haven’t reached out for catfish victims, rather the catfishes themselves:

“Do you change your online photos to meet people? Has someone fallen in love with your online persona? Are you ready to let the world know the real you? We can help! International hit series CATFISH is coming to an Australian TV network!” the site reads.

We don’t know what Aussie network they’re involved with yet, but you can register your story at Eureka Production’s website or their Facebook page.