It was a television hit 20 years ago so why isn’t the new ‘Changing Rooms’ resonating with modern audiences? 

Network Ten’s much-hyped renovation reboot ‘Changing Rooms’ was a ratings disaster. It was so bad that it rated worse than an afternoon soap opera.

On Wednesday, the show’s debut audience averaged just 304,000 viewers nationally at 7:30pm, compared to the 313,000 who tuned into The Bold and the Beautiful on the same channel three hours earlier. 

These results are in stark contrast to the ratings juggernaut that is Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight, which reached 1.29 million Australians in the same time slot. The previous night, the penultimate episode of Ten’s I’m A Celebrity attracted 536,000 viewers at that time. 

Sources allege that Changing Rooms will be bumped from its Wednesday time slot next week. 


While its 1998 counterpart was a nationwide hit, it only aired for 30 minutes once a week, which could explain its success. In contrast, the reboot is aired over two nights for a total of two hours and 45 minutes, which may prompt viewer fatigue. 

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