If you’ve seen Channel 10’s latest promos for ‘Saturday Night Rove’, you would have noticed that all the tweets used are praising the show… understandably!

While they may appear genuine, they are the complete opposite. 

Over the weekend, TV Blackbox discovered that the majority of the tweets used have been taken out of context, and don’t represent the real feelings of viewers.

For instance –

The above review makes it seem like the viewer loves the show.

However, it appears the original poster’s tweet has been amended… significantly!


“Rove it’s fantastic to have you back, but you need to listen to your loyal fans and change the format please,” his tweet actually reads.

After realising that his review had been amended by the network, the above commenter called them out, tweeting: “Network Ten manipulated my original tweet, unfortunately if you read my tweets you will see I was not impressed”.


Unfortunately, Trevor White’s review wasn’t the only tweet that had been manipulated by the network.

No, @RVenusaur’s tweet did not read that. It actually said: “Soo I kinda liked it, it’s not amazing but it’s funny and can we get some musical performances please?”

In a statement to TV Blackbox, Network 10 blamed “human error” for the misinterpretation.


“We have updated our processes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”


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