Seven Network is under fire for delaying the broadcast of the Fire Fight Australia bushfire relief concert outside NSW and Victoria, falsely claiming that the coverage was “live”. 

The network placed a “LIVE” bug in the corner of its coverage for all states, despite the intentional delay.

Unlike Foxtel that broadcasted the concert completely live, Seven made the decision to delay the broadcast according to time zones so the headline acts would appear during prime time across the country instead of wasting them outside prime hours, particularly in Perth.

TV Blackbox report that if the concert was completely live, it would play out like this:

  • 5 Seconds of Summer – 7.30pm NSW/VIC | 7pm SA | 6.30pm QLD | 4.30pm WA
  • Queen + Adam Lambert – 8.10pm NSW/VIC | 7.40pm SA | 7.10pm QLD | 5.10pm WA
  • Michael Bublé – 8.45pm NSW/VIC | 8.15pm SA | 7.45pm QLD | 5.45pm WA

While Seven probably wanted the acts to help their ratings during prime hours, people on social media strongly disagreed with the decision, claiming the act should have been treated like a sporting event.

However, it was the 7 “LIVE” bug that was used in all markets that people felt deceived by, particularly in Perth where the acts were shown three hours later.


Others were outraged that the network didn’t air Alice Cooper and Tina Arena’s performances, and instead aired an hour of news.

“Channel 7 ditched Alice Cooper for the bloody news. What a bunch of idiots,” one person tweeted.

Another added, “Sooo, I’m waiting to see Alice Cooper, sitting through the news, only to discover he has been and gone.”

(Source: TV Blackbox)

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