Netflix loves a good comedy. 

And lovers of Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes, it’s time to get excited!

A brand new Chris Lilley ten-part comedy is about to drop on Friday-week (Good Friday) and it looks hilarious! 

Following a similar premise to his previous series, Lunatics follows six characters (all hilariously played by Lilley) at different stages in life. And like previous comedy projects, this is not for the easily offended. 

Think of what he can do with characters like a Pet Psychologist to the stars, a cutting edge Fashion Designer with a sexuality disorder, a ridiculously tall university freshman who is a twin, a Real Estate ‘Entrepreneur’ with a lot of junk in the trunk, an elderly ex-porn star hoarder and the future Earl of Gayhurst.

“The documentary examines the lives of six extraordinary individuals and explores the idea that people are not what they seem at first,” the Netflix statement states. 


“Through documentary interviews, self recorded and fly on the wall footage the six intriguing subjects are observed over a period of months.

“Their stories unfold with hilarious results. As eccentric and odd as they all are, they are scarily recognisable types and they teach us that its ok to just be you.”

Bring on April 19! 

Missed Clairsy & Lisa? Catch up by clicking play below!