Curtin University are about to launch a new study into weight loss, and overweight and obese children have the opportunity to participate.

Researchers are specifically looking into whether having a high fibre diet has any bearing to losing weight and keeping it off.

Curtin University have studied fibre supplementation in adults, and now are looking to kids aged 9 to 13 years old.

For 16 weeks, all kids will need to do is take a fibre supplement. Like, that’s it.

No other changes will be made to their diet or physical activity. Easy. 

Child weight loss volunteers must:

– Be overweight but healthy – approximately 25-35 BMI


– Be non-diabetics, have no thyroid disorders or serious medical problems.

– Not be taking lipid lowering medication

What now? 

So researchers can gauge your kid’s suitability, you’ll need to click here to fill out the questionnaire.

For more info, call Monica on 0434 360 844, or email

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