When Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot wrote an imaginary review as a 17-year-old in 1975, little did he know he would correctly predict one important detail.

It was during a teaser of an interview series called Speakeasy that Elliot took a stroll down memory lane, to the very early days – when Def Leppard’s name was ‘Deaf Leopard’.

“I just started making names up, out of boredom, I suppose,” Elliot said.

“It sounded good, it looked silly … we didn’t notice that it looked like Led Zeppelin. Woops!”

Fricke then bailed Elliot up over a school assignment in 1975 which included a poster of his band and a ‘review’ of the gig – this is before Def Lep even existed (the band didn’t officially form until 1977).  

“No! Oh, embarrassing!” he said.

The ‘review’ detailed a show at Sheffield City Hall, with Thin Lizzy supporting them.


Then the penny dropped.

“Actually, they did, in 2011!” Elliot exclaimed.

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