We didn’t make the connection either – but we were probably too busy screaming at the TV.

If you’ve managed to squirm your want through the series on Netflix, then good for you.

We’re not saying we didn’t enjoy the series, based on the podcast of the same name, but it was just a little too true and creepy. Right?

Something that has definitely helped us to feel better about Dirty John though, is the fact that Gilmore Girls’ actress Keiko Agena is in it.

And everything about her gives us the warm and fuzzies.

If you’ll remember Keiko played Rory’s best friend Lane in everyone’s favourite TV show Gilmore Girls.

In Dirty John, she plays Debra’s supportive co-worker Nancy.


Did you recognise her?!

Earlier this week, Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach was shocked to discover he was in the very same episode of Gilmore Girls as Rami Malek, who was making his TV debut. Yeah, we couldn’t wrap our heads around it either, but here’s the story.

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