Country group The Dixie Chicks has officially changed their name to The Chicks, due to slave-era connotations. 

During the US Civil War era, the southern states that made up the Confederate States of America were referred to as ‘Dixie’.

The trio announced the news on Thursday, while dropping a protest song called ‘March March’.

Earlier this month, pop group Lady Antebellum changed their name to ‘Lady A’ as the term ‘Antebellum’ is often associated with romanticised ideas of the pre-war, slavery-ridden American South.

The Texas group’s name change comes a week after writer Jeremy Helligar questioned the use of the name in 2020.


“The Dixie Chicks don’t need to change their name to get that kind of publicity but their silence has been deafening,” he wrote.

“This is a discussion we need to have, and they should be a part of it”.


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