A 92-year-old Melbourne man has thrown his hat in the ring as MELBOURNE’S Biggest Legend after being filmed driving his mobility scooter down the Monash Freeway. 

The Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page released the insane footage showing the man merging onto 100km/hr traffic at about 2:30pm on Friday arvo. 

One motorist tells him:

“Move over mate, move over, you’re not supposed to be on the freeway.”

“F*** off”, the old bloke replies.

“We’ve got an old bloke in a motor scooter …  I just told him to try and pull over but he told me to fuck off,” he tells an extremely amused emergency call operator.

“I’m just going behind him with my hazards on, but the traffic’s obviously pretty dangerous at the moment.”


After merrily weaving through traffic for a few minutes, the cops come and pull the man over. 

And in another insane twist to the story, the man had been reported missing by his family earlier in the day.