Ellen’s rapid downfall has been something to watch from our living rooms in 2020!

Announcement by WarnerMedia has been in headlines, they’re launching an investigation into The Ellen Show‘s work environment of the show after multiple allegations came to light of a ‘toxic’ workplace that involved bullying and racism.

Ellen’s brand had been surrounded by love, warmth and friendship… especially with A-List celebrities, whose friendships she often toted publicly.

So the silence coming from the very same celebrities that invite her to their birthday parties and social events has become GLARINGLY obvious.

Normally when a scandal like this occurs, stars are the first to tweet or post on Instagram in defence of their friend, but there hasn’t been much of that activity going on.

With no one coming to her aid, it’s almost definitive that the accusations are looking truer and truer.

A source told The Sun: “Ellen has gained a reputation as a friend to the stars, but A-listers would have to take great risks to publicly defend the show.






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