Emilia Clarke has opened up about her life-threatening health scare. 

Several weeks ago, the 32-year-old revealed that she had suffered two brain aneurysms while filming early seasons of the hit HBO drama.

The Game of Thrones star spoke to CBS Sunday Morning about her experience, including sharing never-before-seen photos of herself after undergoing brain surgery. 

While filming the first season in 2011, Clarke suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage – bleeding on the brain. 

“I was in the gym, and the most excruciating pain, like an elastic band just went like snap! in my head, like an enormous amount of pressure suddenly,” the star told CBS Sunday Morning.

“And then very, very, very quickly I realised I couldn’t stand and I couldn’t walk. And in that moment, I knew I was being brain-damaged.”

The heartbreaking photos see the actress lying in her hospital bed, and recovering from surgery. Incredibly, Clarke was able to return to the Game of Thrones set six weeks later.

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'I nearly lost my life just as all my childhood dreams came true': Game Of Thrones star #EmiliaClarke reveals she suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms while filming • Emilia suffered her first haemorrhage aged 24 after Game Of Thrones season 1 • During her recovery doctors said she still had another smaller aneurysm • One check up found her aneurysm had doubled in sized and they operated • She has now spoken out for the first time and is launching her own charity • Her charity, SameYou, supports those recovering from brain injury and stroke The actress, 32, who plays 'Mother of Dragons' #DaenerysTargaryen, shared in a candid interview with the The New Yorker that she had her first aneurysm in 2011.  She said: 'Just when all my childhood dreams seemed to have come true, I nearly lost my mind and then my life. I’ve never told this story publicly, but now it’s time.' Via: @dailymail and @cbssundaymorning #gameofthrones #got

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Two years later, a second ruptured in her brain, almost killing her. 

“So, with the second one, there was a bit of my brain that actually died,” Clarke said.

“If a part of your brain doesn’t get blood to it for a minute, it will just no longer work. It’s like you short circuit. So, I had that. And they didn’t know what it was. They literally were looking at the brain and being like, ‘Well, we think it could be her concentration, it could be her peripheral vision [affected].’

“I always say it’s my taste in men that’s no longer there! That’s the part of my brain, yeah, my decent taste in men,” she joked.


Emilia Clarke will feature in the eight and final season of Game of Thrones, which will stream and screen in Australia exclusively on Foxtel’s Showcase channel on April 15.

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