The G-String Scene That Caused Emma Watson To Storm Off The Set

Back when filming for American comedy movie “This Is The End”, things got a little bit heated for Emma Watson! 

Watson arrived on set to Channing Tatum wearing only a g-string. The scene was intended to involve him giving her a lap dance whilst wearing the racy little number. It was at this point Emma stormed off. She eventually returned, filmed for a few minutes before quitting and causing the shoot to wrap for the night.

Would you feel uncomfortable filming a scene like that? It certainly comes down to personal choice. Some people would hate it, but some would love a private lap dance from one of Hollywood’s renowned hunks. 

Live on national radio, Woody thought he’s put it to the test. So stripped down to a g-string, along with panel-op Matty, to see if Will would feel uncomfortable. 

WATCH the video to see a couple of sex bombs do their thang! 

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