Ewan McGregor has been part of quite a messy divorce since 2017 after 22 years of marriage with Eve Mavrakis.

Page Six reported on the settlement details now that they’ve been ordered, with the actor being forced to pay Mavrakis half of his multi-million fortune, going all the way back to his earnings from the Star Wars franchise!

McGregor apparently agreed to splitting all his royalties from his filmography up until May 2017 when their divorce began.

This filmography additionally includes the $4.2 million earnt for Christopher Robin which was filmed after divorce proceedings began, in 2018.

McGregor will be paying large monthly payouts of almost $50, 000 spousal support and $20, 000 child support to his wife for 22 years.

Ewan McGregor will keep 25 of his 30 vehicles in his car collection, Mavrakis will get their $9.22 million home, her jewellery and almost $700, 000 in cash in an even split.

Ewan McGregor has a few projects in the pipeline including a Star Wars/Obi Wan Kenobi centric tv show in the making!




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