Australia’s Federal Government is in the spotlight at the moment for a plan made years ago that could be about to actually happen.

The plan to cull 2 million feral cats is back in the spotlight as it is revealed poison-laced sausages may be used to reduce the wild cat population.

Modern feral cats are the same as our domesticated house cats but survive and hunt in the wild without human contact. The cats have been linked with the decline of Australia’s native species.

In 2015, the Department of Environment and Energy unveiled its threatened species strategy, which included reducing the feral cat population, establishing safe havens for at-risk species, improving habitats and carrying out emergency interventions for species facing extinction. 

The plan is set to be a success if the government can cull 2 million among other benchmarks.

Other ways in which they intend to undertake the cull is by deploying a lethal cat bait, trapping feral cats, and establishing feral cat-free areas, among others. 

It’s not yet clear if the Australian government will meet its goal to cull 2 million cats by 2020 but in the first year 211,560 were culled.

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