These axes may not be made of Valyrian Steel, but they’re still just as badass.

Fender have just dropped a line of gee-tars based on Game of Thrones.

Three major houses are represented: Stark, Lannister and Targaryen.

Here’s the details…

The House Stark Telecaster – $US25,000 ($AU35,000)


– Lightweight swamp ash body with sterling silver rippling, reflecting Winterfell’s landscape.

– A maple neck with an ebony fingerboard, a hand-cut and engraved sterling silver Dire Wolf sigil inlay on the first fret and an embossed nickel silver version on the pickguard.

– Hand-engraved knobs and etched neck plate.

– Finished with thin lacquer over custom paints, including “Raven Black” and “Gray Wolf.”

House Lannister Jaguar – $US30,000 ($AU42,000)

– Lightweight aldar body with a 24k gold leaf which pays homage to the Red Keep in King’s Landing.

– Maple neck with an ebony fingerboard

– Hand-cut and engraved brass Lion sigil inlay on the first fret, and a gold-plated pickguard engraved with the Lannister’s sigil.

– Etched neck plate, hand-engraved knobs and  finished with custom paints including “Burnt Crimson” and “Lannister Gold.”


House Targaryen Stratocaster – $US35,000 ($AU49,000)

– Dragon scales across the front and back (already want)

– Lightweight alder body with black hardware, a maple neck with ebony fretboard.

– Hand-cut and engraved sterling silver three-headed dragon sigil inlay on the first fret, and a hand-tooled and stained leather pickguard that also features the Targaryen sigil.


– The etched neck plate and is finished with thin lacquer over custom “Dragonglass Black” paint.

Each model also comes with a bespoke guitar case that reflects the ethos of the instrument with ornate attention to detail, as well as an El Dorado strap.

“Ron Thorn at Fender has built three beautiful, GoT-inspired works of art, and you can out-shred your enemies with all of them,” Game Of Thrones’ D.B. Weiss said in a statement.

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