The first in a series of auctions which will sell-off thousands of items from Subiaco Oval is set to kick off this Saturday.

Thing is, if you’re after some sweet pieces of WA footy memorabilia, you might want to hold off. At least for now.

While the WA Football Commission was still deciding on a release plan for the collectables, it’s a completely different story for those in catering and functions.

The Subiaco Closure Auction – Stage 1, to be held at 10am on July 7, is almost exclusively kitchen or dining related. Including trestle tables, lecterns, PA speakers, ovens, cleaning equipment and even bug zappers.

If you’re in the market for chopping boards, this is the place to be.

Ross’s Auctions’ Dave Croft told Community Newspapers that the auction coincided with Country Week footy.

“It gives those country football clubs the opportunity to be here on that weekend – it’s a good chance for them to upgrade some of their facilities,” he said.


He also hinted at the stuff that is to roll out in the coming auction series.

“We’re going to have things like the players’ benches and the dugouts on the oval, we’ll have the coaches phone and seat, the bar fridge from the coach’s rooms,” he told Community News.

“Players benches aren’t just for local players, they’re home and away, so everybody’s bum has been sitting on those benches at some stage.”