We lost Xavier on Big Brother this week and it was a tragedy.

Whether it’s because you’re thirsty for him or you reckon he had way more to give the game, most of us want more! 

Did you know he works as a paramedic? *Fans self*

Like you needed another reason to think he was a total cutie.

Can you guys tell I’m a fan?

The internet has discovered that Xavier was on Australia’s Got Talent last year and you won’t believe his talent!

He actually wasn’t onstage for the show but working as an emergency responder for one of the more dangerous performances. 


And in a small world moment, you’ll never guess who’s performance it was for.

APOLLO FROM THE BACHELORETTE, who for some reason was doing an insanely dangerous magic trick that involves fire, free fall and deadly spikes.

You can watch Apollo’s whole stunt below, catch Xavier at 3:15!

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