Botica’s Bunch paid tribute to Kenny Rogers following the death of “the Gambler” at the age of 81 over the weekend.

Thing is, Fred didn’t just pay tribute to the country superstar, he recalled actually meeting him while he was touring Australia and New Zealand in the late 1960s.

And it was all over a game of softball. In a vineyard. And it was top secret.

“I got a call to say ‘look we’re organising a softball game, don’t tell anyone else about this, it’s not for other people to know about’,” Fred said on Monday.

“It was out at a vineyard out near the international airport in Auckland… we played Kenny Rogers and his team.”

From what Fred remembered, Kenny did this everywhere he toured.

“They would ask people to put a softball team together to play… and it was just so great.”


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Rogers’ family said that a “small private service” was being planned for his funeral out of coronavirus concerns, but they aimed to celebrate his life publicly at a “later date.”