It all started when Fred told us the story about how a bloke did his own dental work after pandemic restrictions meant he couldn’t see a dentist.

Fred said that the man was refused an emergency dental appointment due to lockdown rules in the UK and was left with no choice but to pull his own tooth… with the help of his 11-year-old son.

Thing is, it led to Fred telling another tooth story… or should I say, teeth.

“My father never went to a dentist in his life,” he said.

But what he said next made me want to run away screaming, so gird your loins.

“He ended up removing all his own teeth.”

WTF Fred, NO.


“When they needed to come out in older age, he had a pair of pliers that he would, you know, boil in water….”

I can’t write the rest of this so please, be my guest, watch the vid up top for the rest of it.