Remember that gender reveal explosion that ended up sparking a wildfire in Arizona? The video has just been released.

Surrounded by tall grass, the video shows a target with the words “BOY” and “GIRL” written on it.

Seconds later, a gunshot can be heard, and the target explodes, revealing a cloud of blue.

Thing is, almost immediately, the nearby brush catches fire and someone shouts, “Start packing up!”

Dennis Dickey, 37, of Tucson, pleaded guilty in September to starting the fire, which burned more than 45,000 acres and caused more than $8 million worth of damage in April 2017.

His plan was to shoot a rifle at a target containing Tannerite, an explosive substance that would have revealed either blue powder for a boy or pink powder for a girl.

He reported the fire immediately and admitted being the cause of ignition.


As part of a plea agreement, Dickey agreed to five years of probation and to make a public service announcement about the cause of the Sawmill Fire with the Forest Service.

He also agreed to pay more than $8 million in restitution.

His multi-million-dollar restitution will start with a $100,000 initial payment and monthly payments thereafter, the Department of Justice previously said in a statement.

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