Guns N’ Roses have mocked President Donald Trump by taking one of the most ironic moments of the pandemic and turning it into merch.

The new shirt which reads “Live ‘N Let Die With COVID 45” was unveiled on the band’s Twitter on Wednesday.

Last week, the president toured an N-95 face mask factory in Arizona while not wearing a mask himself, and if that wasn’t enough, Guns N’ Roses’ 1991 version of ‘Live and Let Die’ was cranking so loud from the PA system, you could barely hear what anyone was saying.

At the time, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, “I can think of no better metaphor for this presidency than Donald Trump not wearing a face mask to a face-mask factory while the song ‘Live and Let Die’ blares in the background.”

The Gunners have since produced a T-shirt commemorating the moment while also mocking Trump.


The ‘45’ in “Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45”, refers to Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

All net proceeds from the $US25 shirt will go to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

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