Forget Harry Potter. This hilarious children’s book is written by a 9 year old kid! 

It all started with a phone call, from 9 year old Flynn Warren, to Will & Woody’s radio show.

He wanted to tell the boys a story he’d written. Within minutes, Flynn had the boys in stitches. They were blown away by his creative writing talent. So much so, they have since had him return to the show each day to read more pages from the book. 

It’s been a wild ride so far, and it’s all set to launch into another realm as they have since decided to help him publish his first ever book. And with the help of talented illustrator, Kev Gahan, Frankenfart will be brought into a world of cosmic adventure and pure imagination. 

See below the initial sketches of Frankenfart, the monster with deadly farts! 


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