What is Gatsbying?

The term is taken from The Great Gatsby book by Scott F. Fitzgerald, where the main character throws wild, lavish parties for the sole purpose of having Daisy Buchanan attend (who was the love of his whole damn life).

So IRL, this is referring to people who are indirecting the person they’re interested in online. So every time your mate wants to boomerang a fancy cocktail but doesn’t drink it, recording yourself singing the one fast part of the song you know etc. etc. but you’re just doing it so the person you’re dating, want to date or used to date will see them. 

In The Great Gatsby, as lavish and hectic these parties were, Gatsby was never actually having fun! He was just pretending to have fun so she would be impressed by his wealth and somehow fall in love with him. 

You’re probs doing this without even realising…

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